Emilie Ribe Berg

Emilie has been practising yoga since 2005. She is a certified Yoga Nidra guide (80HR) by Jana Roemer and guides meditations at the international and free meditation app Insight timer. Emilie is also a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor (RYT200) by Atman Yoga School. 


As an organizational psychologist, positive psychology is her main focus. Emilie loves to explore how breath, movement and mind can help shift our perspectives, emotions and states. Finally, how we can apply this knowledge to live better lives.

My morning routine: To join a guided stretch led by my little son, Bjørn. And then drink a big cup of coffee.

The world needs more of: Play! Why do we take ourselves so seriously? 
I believe in: Positivity. 
Love is: All around you. 

Can’t get enough of: My son’s laughter and smiles, dancing with my friends, walks in nature, eat delicious food, my husband, reaching a mountain top, and to experience awe. 
Yoga is: To find your inner guide. Who am I? Where do I want to go? How can I get there?
My mantra: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Henry Ford.


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