Yoga Nidra... the Journey Home
June 21 - 28th  ~  Nøsen YOGA, Norway

with Jana Roemer 


Yoga Nidra Course Details


My intention is to create a deeply personal experience that will help to clear blockages and allow you time to explore your inner landscape so the practice speaks for itself. This training will set you up to guide yoga nidra practices with confidence.


We will take a careful look at the following topics: 

~ developing a more intimate relationship with your breath 

~ the basic template of a Yoga Nidra practice as taught through the Bihar lineage (same as what you hear me guide on Insight Timer and the Astro Nidras). 

~ theory / why?

~ witnessing principle

~ the nature of the mind

~ neurology as relevant to the practice (brain wave states, neuroplasticity of the brain, etc)

~ subconscious programming / samskaras

~ limiting beliefs

~ altering the infrastructure of the mind

~ scriptwriting and language

~ sankalpa 

~ practicum

~ music selection

~ meditation

~ pre-practice movement theory and sequences to clear and enhance pranic flows within the nidra practice

~ and more

With almost a decade of experience leading public classes, privates, 3000 hours of facilitation of 200hr and 300hr YTT's, international retreats and other trainings, Jana has finally birthed this work into practices of self love through her own, most authentic voice. She works in intuitive and loving ways to help coax your truth to the surface. You will receivepersonal coaching, participate in group discussions and refine your skills as a nidra guide through a teaching practicum and an optional post-training mentorship.


Don’t want to take a training join us for a retreat! You’ll get nidra twice a day and food and time to explore


Tuition / Investment: EARLY BIRD UNTIL MARCH 30th 


Deposit: $600 non refundable


Single $1950 // aprx 15300 NOK
Double $1650 // aprx 13000 NOK


Single $1400 // aprx 11000 NOK
Double $1100 // aprx 8700 NOK


Price after March 30th:


Single $2150 
Double $1850


Single $1600
Double $1300


To Register:


First, fill in the registration form in the link below. Once Jana has confirmed your participation, she will give you the code in order to pay your deposit on our payment page.


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