Veronica Bruce took her Yin teacher training with Cécile Roubaud at Eight Treasures Yoga. Bruce is educated with a bachelor of visual arts at Central Saint Martins in London and in dance at the School of Contemporary Dance in Oslo. 


Through many years of movement studies, yoga, meditation, martial arts and tai chi practices, she is especially inspired by yin yoga. "The world needs to practice patience, depth and silence. Through yin we can exercise the ability to listen, seeing what already is. Yin is calm and soft, but at the same time an active and deep energy. Instead of constantly strive towards new goals, we can practice being present, gradually releasing and sinking deeper in."

My morning routine: I have the slowest mornings as I work flexible hours, I brew my own coffee with oat milk, sit still for a while. I just moved into a small top floor apartment, so I get to wake up to lots of light.


The world needs more of: Care and patience.


I believe in: Friendship, nature, repetition, respect.


Love is: Uncompromising, liberating, tough, surprising and warm.


I can't get enough of: Art, body, movement, travel, water, music, touch.


Yoga is: Patience, harmony, energy, and joy .


My mantra: “Silence is a source of great strength.”



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